Top Mix Duplex Wafters N-Butyric & Pineapple
    Top Mix Duplex Wafters N-Butyric & Pineapple

    Top Mix Duplex Wafters N-Butyric & Pineapple

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    Top Mix Duplex Wafters N-Butyric & Pineapple - are specialized hookbaits designed to mimic a carp's natural food source while offering anglers a distinct advantage. These wafters are buoyant and can be used to counterbalance the weight of the hook, creating a balanced presentation. The inclusion of N-Butyric and Pineapple flavors enhances their appeal to carp.

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    • Butyric Acid - the Attractor: N-Butyric acid is a powerful fish attractor with a distinct, strong aroma. It's an organic compound that is found in some of the natural foods carp feed on. The butyric acid scent can draw carp towards your bait, increasing your chances of a successful catch.
    • Pineapple Flavor - the Temptation: Pineapple is a universally attractive flavor for carp. The sweet, fruity scent of pineapple can trigger a feeding response in carp. When combined with N-Butyric acid, it creates an irresistible combination that carp find hard to resist.
    • Rig Presentation: When using Top Mix Duplex Wafters, it's essential to present them effectively. They are often used in combination with other baits or on their own, mounted on a hair rig.
    • Balanced Buoyancy: The buoyant nature of these wafters means that they are slightly lifted off the lakebed, creating a natural presentation. This can be especially effective in situations where carp are wary of any resistance.
    • Flavor Leaching: These wafters are designed to gradually release their flavors into the water, creating an attractive scent trail. This slow leaching process keeps the carp interested and feeding in your swim.
    • Timing: Carp are known to be more active during specific times of the day. Experiment with different times and weather conditions to determine when the carp are most responsive to the N-Butyric and Pineapple combination.
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