Top Mix Top Method Feeder Match Size
    Top Mix Top Method Feeder Match Size

    Top Mix Top Method Feeder Match Size

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    Top Mix Top Method Feeder Match Size - Method Feeder - a smaller version of the basket for use in competitions and in waters where a large splash scares the fish.

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    Skandiklio svoris
    • 30g
    • 40g

    • Low volume feeders designed for accurate throws.
    • Due to their drop shape, the center of gravity is located at the beginning of the feeder, which increases the throwing distance and ensures high accuracy.
    • It has three ribs, two of which are tilted so that larger baits can also be used. The design of the ribs allows the basket to be well filled, holds the bait well, and the ribs are transparent, so even in clear water they do not disturb the fish looking for them.
    • The feeders are equipped with a tube that can be used to increase the accuracy and distance of the throw. The package also includes two quick connectors for changing leaders.
    • 1 piece per pack
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