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Top Mix Arrow Pro Mould
Top Mix Arrow Pro Mould
Top Mix Arrow Pro Mould
Top Mix Arrow Pro Mould
Top Mix Arrow Pro Mould

Top Mix Arrow Pro Mould

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Top Mix Arrow Pro Mould - the Mould is designed to use with Top Mix Arrow Pro Feeders. to use the mould, siply place pelletes or bait in the top of the mould, insert the feeder and squeeze. The mould opens very easily and the feeder and bait are easy to remove.

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  • Precision Bait Formation: The Arrow Pro Mould allows anglers to create uniform and precisely shaped bait formations. This consistency is crucial in carp fishing, as it presents a familiar and enticing target for the fish.
  • Efficiency: Using the mould streamlines the bait preparation process. It saves time and ensures that each bait is consistent in size and shape.
  • Versatility: The Top Mix Arrow Pro Mould is versatile and can be used with various bait materials, such as groundbait, pellets, or boilies. This flexibility allows anglers to adapt to different fishing conditions and carp preferences.
  • Improved Accuracy: With the mould, you can accurately control the size and shape of your bait, ensuring that it matches the size of your hook and the carp you're targeting.
  • How to use:
  • Select Your Bait Material: Choose the bait material you want to use, whether it's groundbait, pellets, or boilies. Ensure that the material is well-prepared and has the right consistency.
  • Fill the Mould: Place the bait material into the mould, making sure it's packed evenly and not too tightly.
  • Press and Shape: Close the mould and apply pressure to shape the bait. Depending on the mould's design, you can create different shapes and sizes.
  • Release the Bait: Open the mould to release the perfectly formed bait.
  • Bait Placement: Depending on your fishing strategy, you can place the bait on the hook directly or use a hair rig for a more natural presentation.

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