Aqua Small Rucksack Black Series
    Aqua Small Rucksack Black Series

    Aqua Small Rucksack Black Series

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    It has become more and more apparent in recent years that mobility is one of the most important factors on the bank – especially if you’re a short session angler who wants (and needs) to make every minute count. A rucksack is the perfect bit of luggage for the roving and mobile angler, as it allows for the hands free transportation of a large amount of tackle and accessories. A high quality rucksack can also significantly reduce strain and stress on the spine, compared to using an over-the-shoulder style carryall. However, many of the rucksacks that you’ll find on the market are usually on the larger end of the spectrum.


    •      Endura fabric
    •     #10 zips throughout
    •     Padded and lined
    •     Nyplex base
    •     Ergonomic carry system
    •     Extended webbing straps
    •     Accommodates mats/ bivvy at the base
    •     Dimensions 600mm (h) x 360mm (d) x 480mm (w)
    •     Designed for Roving Rig Wallet, Roving Buzz Bar Bag
    •     As well as Roving 2 Pot Glug Bag, Deluxe Scales Pouch
    •     Large &Small Bitz Bags can be used with this rucksack

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