Nash Wash Bag
    Nash Wash Bag
    Nash Wash Bag
    Nash Wash Bag
    Nash Wash Bag

    Nash Wash Bag

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    The Nash Wash Bag is a product from Nash Tackle, a well-known fishing tackle company. This wash bag is designed for anglers and is often used to store and transport various personal things.

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    Storage and Organization: Nash Wash Bags are designed to provide storage and organization for your personal things. They come with various pockets, compartments, and dividers.

    Durability: These bags are constructed with durable materials that can withstand the rigors of angling, including exposure to water and various environmental conditions.

    Easy to Clean: Given the nature of fishing, gear can get dirty. Nash Wash Bags are designed to be easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your equipment remains in good condition.

    Brand-Specific: Nash Tackle is a well-respected brand in the fishing industry, and their products are often known for quality and innovation.

    Size and Capacity: The specific size and capacity of a Nash Wash Bag can vary, so you can choose a bag that suits your needs, whether you need a compact bag for a day trip or a larger bag for more extensive fishing excursions.

    • Fold out bag for personal wash kit on long sessions and holidays
    • Three internal zipped pockets
    • Detachable internal mirror
    • Plastic hook for hanging in a shower, tree or bivvy
    • Dimensions 9cm (h) x 22cm (w) x 14 (d)
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