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Carp Catchers MegaSpice Pop Ups
Carp Catchers MegaSpice Pop Ups

Carp Catchers MegaSpice Pop Ups

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Carp Catchers MegaSpice Pop Ups - the fluorescent orange pop-up Megaspice is Rod Hutchinson’s classic spice blend that has been catching carp all over the world for years. Made with pop-up mix based on milk proteins, using an increased effective dosage of NHDC sweetener and black pepper essential oil. Thanks to its fluorescent orange coloring, the pop-up is highly visible on the bottom. Stable high buoyancy is maintained for a long time, which allows you to confidently use these pop-ups as a single hookbait and not to doubt the presentation of the bait.

  • 8mm
  • 10mm
  • 12mm

  • Quantity: 8mm – 15g (75-77 pcs), 10mm – 15g (40-41 pcs), 12mm – 30g (45-46 pcs)
  • Scent: megaspice
  • Color: fluo orange
  • Diameter: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm;
Boilių Tipas
Plaukiantys (Pop Ups)
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8 mm
10 mm
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