Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed
    Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed
    Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed
    Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed
    Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed

    Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed

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    Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed - angling is more than just a hobby; it's a passion that requires dedication and patience. Anglers often find themselves near water bodies, waiting for hours, and sometimes even overnight, to capture that elusive fish. The ability to rest comfortably can make or break the experience, and the Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed addresses this need perfectly.

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    Flat-6 Design: The most distinctive feature of the Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed is its innovative flat-6 design. It boasts six adjustable legs that provide a sturdy and stable base, ensuring that anglers remain comfortable, even on uneven ground.

    Padded Luxury Mattress: The bed features a well-padded luxury mattress. This mattress not only provides a comfortable place to rest but also acts as an insulating layer between the angler and the potentially cold or damp ground.

    Compact and Foldable Design: Designed for portability and convenience, the Trakker RLX Flat-6 Bed is easily foldable into a compact size. This makes it effortless to transport and store, an essential feature for anglers who are frequently on the move.

    Height-Adjustable Legs: The bed's legs are adjustable in height, allowing anglers to set up their fishing station at the ideal level, even when dealing with uneven terrain.

    Durability: Renowned for its robust and durable construction, the RLX Flat-6 Bed is built to withstand the challenges of outdoor use. This ensures it remains a reliable companion on countless fishing adventures.

    • Super-lightweight flat bed with sleeping bag storage option
    • Completely level bed profile for a perfect night’s sleep
    • Incredibly light; weight reduced further by removal of handwheel
    • Super-quick to use; simply unclip and unfold
    • Will fold down comfortably with a winter sleeping bag stored inside
    • Freestanding in closed position
    • Ergonomically-designed mattress for optimum comfort
    • Six-leg design with individually adjustable legs for maximum stability
    • Material Aluminium/Steel frame
    • Dimensions Open: L214cm x W78cm Closed: L76cm x W78cm
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