Nash Citruz Infused Pellet 6mm 900g
Nash Citruz Infused Pellet 6mm 900g

Nash Citruz Infused Pellet 6mm 900g

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"Nash Citruz Infused Pellet 6mm" - purpose designed low oil winterised carp pellet infused in two stages with Citruz® powdered and liquid additives for a high attract carpet feed that increases the chances of action when water temperatures are low. Use for PVA bag and stick mix fillings, or as a carpet feed that helps defeat bird life and maintain feeding activity for prolonged periods. Available in 2mm and 6mm, giving options for variable breakdown to suit session length or use in combination for a constant attraction timeline.

  • Pellet Bait: Citruz Infused Pellet 6mm is a type of fishing pellet bait. Pellets are small cylindrical or spherical feed particles made from a combination of ingredients, including fishmeal, oils, and attractants.
  • 6mm Size: The 6mm size of these pellets is suitable for various fishing scenarios. They are large enough to stay on the hook securely but not so large that they are easily ignored by fish.
  • Citrus Flavor: "Citruz" in the product name suggests a citrus flavor or scent, which is often incorporated into the pellets. Citrus scents are known to be attractive to carp and can help draw them to your fishing spot.
  • Attractants: Citruz Infused Pellet 6mm is typically infused with additional attractants and flavors to make them more appealing to fish. These additives can stimulate fish feeding and entice them to take the bait.
  • Versatile Use: These pellets can be used in various fishing scenarios, including carp fishing, tench fishing, and other coarse fishing situations. They can be used as loose feed, added to groundbait mixes, or used in PVA bags.
  • Pre-Packaged: Nash Citruz Infused Pellet 6mm is usually available in pre-packaged bags or containers, making it convenient for anglers to transport and use during their fishing sessions.
  • User-Friendly: Using pellets like these is straightforward and suitable for anglers of all experience levels.
  • Carp Attraction: The combination of size, flavor, and attractants in these pellets is designed to specifically target carp, which are known to be attracted to a wide range of flavors and scents.
  • In summary, Nash Citruz Infused Pellet 6mm is a versatile and attractant-rich fishing pellet bait designed to attract carp and other coarse fish. Its 6mm size, citrus flavor, and additional attractants make it a valuable choice for anglers looking to improve their chances of a successful catch. These pellets are suitable for various fishing scenarios and can be used effectively when targeting fish in different waters and conditions.
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900 gr
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6 mm
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