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Carp Catchers Red Wafters Snail
Carp Catchers Red Wafters Snail

Carp Catchers Red Wafters Snail

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Carp Catchers Red Wafters Snail  - RED wafters are made using the base mix of RED boilies and are designed primarily to use in conjunction with them, although they can be used independently. They contain all the same ingredients and attractants as RED boilies, have stable buoyancy, and are easy to cut.  Wafters have their own small buoyancy and this must be taken into account when balancing the rig. Made with the best nutritional ingredients and natural attractants, RED boilies have a mixed sour-fish smell with a hint of spices. The combination of different types of fishmeal, the original Robin Red® from Haith’s, milk proteins, yeast and other components creates a genuine bait of high nutritional value, which is very difficult for carp to resist.

  • 14mm


Quantity: 50g.
Diameter: 12mm;

Boilių Tipas
Gaudiminiai (Wafters)
Boilių skersmuo
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